EPISODE 10: THE POWER OF DREAMS (S01E10 "Nightmares”)

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But you were so gifted...and the evil was so great.
— Rupert Giles

This week the Buffy Boys give Freud and Jung a hard time in S01E10 "Nightmares" and continue their fruitless quest to christen other hypothetical podcasts. "Twilight Twinks"? Please.

Key Buffy Bits from this episode include: 

  • Christian symbolism in the modern vampire narrative

  • The impenetrable fashion fueled subconscious of Cordelia Chase

  • Paternal relationships expressed as aspects of the monstrous 

  • Vampire-ized Slayers (Slaypires)

  • "I'm unruffled by spiders! Now, if a bunch of Nazis crawled all over my face..."

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Yours in Slaying,

The Buffy Boys

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