EPISODE 14: IT NEEDS RETOUCHING (S02E02 "Some Assembly Required”)

Eww! Why is it that every conversation you people have has the word corpse in it?
— Cordelia Chase

The Buffy Boys 'tackle' S02E02 "Some Assembly Required" when some pint-sized Frankensteins make a 'Hail Mary' to build a girlfriend from spare parts until our 'MVP' Buffy causes them to 'fumble' in the 'end zone'.

There's American football in this episode.

Key Buffy Bits from this episode include: 

  • Women in BtVS are attacked without becoming victims

  • Plan 9! From Outer Space!

  • The Boys careen from pop-culture reference to reference with a recklessness that approaches Gilmore Girls level

  • Angel's worst ever outfit 

  • "I'm probably the only girl in school who has the coroner's office bookmarked as a favorite place."

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The Buffy Boys

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