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“In my years as... Watcher... I’ve buried too many people. But Jenny was the first I’ve loved.
— Giles

The Buffy Boys are watching through gritted fingers as Angelus's campaign of psychological terror reaches a tragic, though beautifully sketched, crescendo. The rose petals. The champagne. The only floppy disk you ever cared about.

Our hearts are literally beating. It's S02E17 "Passion".

  • The death of Jenny Calendar - 'fridging' moment or elegy for a fully realised woman

  • Changing the Locks: Buffy's lived representation of male violence and female resilience in a super-powered setting

  • Flaming baseball bats!

  • Recursive perversion and the souring soul of Angel's abusive obsession

  • The hidden potency of garlic in the Buffyverse

  • "I actually had to talk my grandmother into switching cars with me last night ."

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The Buffy Boys

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