EPISODE 41: TAR FRIM! TAR FRIM! (S03E07 “Revelations”)

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The fact is, there is talk in the Council that you have become a bit too... American.
— Gwendolyn Post

Faith's new Watcher, Mrs. Post appears with a flurry of harsh truths and imperialist witticisms in search of a glove with mystical Irish properties. But when Xander discovers Angel is alive, it all goes to H-E-double hockey sticks. De réir Buachaillí na mBuif, is fearr Gaeilge briste ná vaimpír cliste i S03E07 "Revelations".

Key Buffy Bits from this episode include: 

  • The Monstrous Feminine: the double-edged sword of women in the patriarchal Watchers Council

  • The Xander Harris Hatecast - a podcast within a podcast beneath a veneer of civility over a bed of toxic masculinity

  • Gwendolyn Post's creative interpretation of Irish language phrases

  • Willow's transgression and redemptive guilt

  • "Well, he saved me from a horrible flamey death. That sort of makes me like him again."

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