EPISODE 36: THE PARTY OF THE DEAD (S03E02 "Dead Man's Party")

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I mean, I would think they would be happy to have a... a superhero. Is that the right word? I mean, it’s not offensive, is it?
— Joyce

Buffy's doing her best to fit back into her old routine: study, slay, sleep, repeat. But it's tough when she's kicked out of school, her friends are giving her the cold shoulder and so are the zombies her mother accidentally reanimated with a demonic Nigerian art piece.

You bring the keg, buddy - the Buffy Boy's are the dip at S03E02 "Dead Man's Party".

Key Buffy Bits from this episode include: 

  • Zombi(e) Zeitgeist - the cultural influence of the restless reanimated from traditional Haitian folklore to its appropriation into Western science-myth

  • The incredible BDE (British Dad Energy) of Giles protecting Buffy

  • The interrupted sleep of the Slayer: vaseline-coated dreamscapes as a cryptic canvas

  • "Chosen Family" - queer identity as a vector for community building in supernatural stories

  • "Would you like me to convince you?"

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The Buffy Boys

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