EPISODE 37: THE NEW LITTLE SISTER (S03E03 "Faith, Hope & Trick")

it was too late, and I, I had to. So I, I told him that I loved him... and I kissed him... and I killed him.
— Buffy

Buffy's back in school and normality returns. Just kiddin'. Faith, a newly called Slayer, arrives in town on the run from cloven-hoofed elder vampire Kakistos and his Y2K fearing techno-minion Mr. Trick. Will new "heterosexual" love interest Scott Hope get lost in the mix?

The Buffy Boy's are five-by-five in S03E03 "Faith, Hope & Trick".

Key Buffy Bits from this episode include: 

  • Socially Acceptable Slayage - Buffy's "tightly wound" persona assimilates where Faith's emotional rough edges reject

  • Reinforcing and creating lore through in-character continuity references

  • "the Caucasian Persuasion here in the 'Dale": character, stereotypes and reinforcement in Buffy's infrequent black cast

  • Joyce's curious love of McCain's oven chips

  • "She's not playing with a full deck. She has almost no deck. She has a three."

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Yours in Slaying,

The Buffy Boys

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